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The satisfaction of power washing a grimy surface and uncovering a fresh new looking surface.

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Kent’s pressure washing specialist, Washability, clean domestic and small commercial external hard standing surfaces including:

What surfaces can you pressure wash?

Any flat outdoor surface can be pressured washed, this includes driveways, pavers, patios, and decks. However, it is important to never pressure wash vertical surfaces or those which are of a delicate nature such as house walls and roofs. Doing so runs the risk of causing irreparable damage and the materials may have to be completely replaced.

How often is pressure washing needed?

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For residential properties with an average level of traffic and exposure to the weather, pressure washing may need to be done on an annual basis although if dirt appears more frequently, the job can be done as needed. Good general maintenance will help you to avoid the need for multi[ple pressure washing episodes each year.

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